Now is the time to get you child water safe !
Now is the time to get you child water safe !


Dear Coach Amber,


I wanted to express my appreciation for all of your talented swim coaching and the immense energy that you put into all of the lessons that you have provided for my three granddaughters over the past six years.  You have prompted the girls to develop a life-long love for swimming as well as encouraging them to strive to be the best swimmers that they can possibly be.


Starting at 6 months of age my two older my granddaughters have been privileged to experience your ability to assist them in becoming confident, determined, and focused young girls.  They have learned to seek challenges while understanding that success often involves conquering their fears. 


The structure and supportive instruction that you provided in each of your swim lessons also allowed the girls to develop a sense of self-reliance that has manifested, for my older granddaughters, in other activities that they have engaged in.  Their understanding as to how to focus and motivate themselves developed through time and from their swim lessons with you.


Your lessons with my toddler granddaughter have been nothing short of amazing.  She has quickly followed in the footsteps of her older cousins and at twenty-one months has become a competent floater!  To watch my granddaughter enjoy her swim lessons with you is delightful and also, comforting in knowing that you are teaching her to be water safe at a very young age.


It is with gratitude that I write to you and suggest that you may be one the girls’ greatest coaches because of the strong character qualities that they have developed from the many years of your swim coaching.  Great Job Amber!

~ Michele


Destiny and Amber have been a joy to work with and my grandson has really enjoyed learning from Destiny.  We signed up for lessons towards the end of the summer and will start again when the weather warms up and will definitely use All Waves Aquatics again to finish up.  Destiny has always been prompt and professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for lessons.


~Tammy B

Huntington Beach


Amber taught our daughter how to swim! We did lessons 1-2x a week and Amber was always on time and our daughter really liked her. She brought cute swim toys and floaties to make the lessons fun. Thanks Amber!

~Kristen B.

Fountain Valley



My twins are 3.5 years old and love the water but needed swim skills. We have worked with Amber and could not be happier with the results. She is very patient and encouraging to help motivate toddlers to acquire water safety and swimming skills. My daughter is about 6 lessons in and can float on her back, dive to the bottom of the pool, and is almost swimming with her strong kicking skills. My son is not far behind. Thank you! :-)

~ Allisun G.


I took our 4 yr old grandson to Amber and was very impressed with her skills and patience. We will send him next summer for sure.
~ Donna H.


We love Coach Amber! She has a good balance of firm and challenging and nurturing. She is professional and dependable. Both of my boys took lessons from her and excelled. My younger son was scared to death of water but she worked through it and taught him to swim. I highly recommend Coach Amber!
~ Julie L.
Amber is the best swim teacher my kids have ever had. I had been trying to get my 7 year old to swim for years, but she always resisted. Not only did Amber teach her how to swim, she was swimming better than some of the older kids by the end of the summer
~ Anja Loritz


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